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Lightsaber form 7# – Juyo/Vaapad

One of the rarest fighting forms, but common among sith. The style draws powers from emotions of love, hate, anger either from the user...

Lightsaber form 6# – Niman

The "jack of all trades master of none" lightsaber style, brings elements from all the other forms but doesn't excel in any specific area....

Lightsaber form 5# – Shi Cho

The 5th lightsaber fighting style is the Djem So, a balanced offensive/defensive style but leveraging physical power and determination. Anakin Skywalker's signature style.

Lightsaber form 4# – Ataru

An intensive and demanding fighting style which uses acrobatics and quick lunges - mastered by Yoda himself.

Lightsaber form 3# – Suresu

A fighting style with pure focus on defense. It is said that true masters of this forms were virtually unbeatable in a fair fight....

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